Monday, October 14, 2013

When a heart breaks, it never breaks even.

I must stop writing about him.
Maybe the next time.
so here again, I simply try to skim
with just about anything to rhyme.

I try to make stories of people whose only offense,
was to have come in my line of vision.
But when that fascination ceased to make any sense,
I realize, I still never refrain from indecision.

I have spent hours watching my mobile,
willing it to ring.
Most often, it's just the time digits beneath the label
changing with a sting.

So I've broken words and hearts of course,
with absolutely no remorse.
But now I stand on the curb side, much worse
with a tearing pain I wish I could outsource.

I have clearly abandoned any misconceptions
about this illusion called love.
For it definitely comes with no directions,
and is just the beginning to be the end of.

so who says a rhyme should always rhyme,
Can't it just be about a bad time?
Even though the beauty of the night is still sublime,
I really must stop writing about him !!!

Ps: Note to myself - I suck at poetry !

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