Saturday, October 3, 2009

And he still runs for the kite.................

well..this one's actually a continuation to one of my older posts 'Princess'.If you have already read that,you would be well aware of my obsession with regard to the topic on the followers of prophet mohammed.
'Princess' was the second book which managed to stir the tear glands in me.The first being 'A thousand splendid suns'.Like i always claimed,this Khalid Hosseini book has a very special place in my heart. Despite having the book in my ownership for over 2 months,i refrained from reading it till the minute i landed at the airport for my first journey to the Arab land.Then i plunged headlong into it and reading it while actually sitting amidst sweet scent of 'athar' and aabha clad women gave a very special meaning to the book.
And now a new addition to this list - The kite runner.
There are very few books which i have started and not finished, one being fountainhead, another - Godfather (unfortunately i saw the movie first and cudnt make myself read through the entire book !) and the third - the kite runner. Though the reason for this being entirely different. At the point where Amir meets Rahim in pakistan to talk about the bygone years,my eyes always welled up and i dint want to know what came of Hassan. Twice i tried and both times, i stopped reading at this point.
Yesterday evening after a very heated argument with Aks on my obsession in this regard, i was fully determined and sat down with the book at 10 PM. The same words, the same pomegranate tree..everything in the book was the same untill i got to their reunion. And i dint stop, despite the choking sensation ..i dint stop till i came to the last statement in the book, five minutes ago.
As every other book in this genre, this one has also taken away a part of me. A part of me which i had been obsessed with for as long as i can remember.
I am not religious, i am just spiritual.And such books always leave me lost.I fail to see the purpose,the message or maybe it's just that i dont want to see the purpose or the message. All i feel is a choking sensation draining the air out of me.
With each word i read in the book, my life's biggest dream just keeps making its purpose more and more clear to me. For those of you who know about it,No - its not the beauty or mystery which bades me for it.. but it's the lack of all these.

For you,a thousand times over................................

Ps: In a totally disoriented state of mind and yes, long weekends can be a drag if not spent at home ! :(