Friday, March 27, 2009

Matters of the heart..does it really matter?

So another long weekend ahead..(actually its just a weekend ahead..the one extra day is already over with no big difference). Maybe just one small difference..nichu (my roomie nishmi..lovingly called as 'nichu' by near and dear) got a huge new fridge for our it was cooking curry and steamin hot rice..that too self cooked..speechless!! [;)]..hats off to us.And the fridge has been stocked up with all possible (junk) goodies!

PS: This post is going to be a long please tread onto this only if you have the patience for it.

The day started off pretty much like any other day. Got a bit of great news from mom the first thing in the morning.We came to know more details about the cute little new addition to our family..due in august(Bro and sis are thrilled!)!So it was a loud 'Awwwwwww..chooo chweet' with which,me and nichu began the day.Little did we know that the rest of the day was going to follow suit and either be an 'Awwwww' or an 'Oh crap!!'.

Eventually,after all the hustle-bustle of the day, towards late evening,me and nichu settled down to catch a little television and the first channel we chanced upon was HBO, which was showing the last few scenes of 'Run AWay Bride' guessed it right. The part where Julia Roberts hands over her 'running sneakers' to Richard Gere[He is one handsome man!I simply adore his hair!] and its the cute little long speech she makes while she proposes to him. was a loud long 'Awwwwww' which escaped from both of us and it was pindrop silence in the room till the end of the movie.I presume it was somewhere then that the same thought struck both of us...but we carried on with the silence [Please dont get any wrong ideas!] and proceeded to get the laptop and check out what the rest of the world is doing.So orkut it was and almost simultaneously, it was 'Oh Crap' from both of us.

Now the interesting part..since we both have known each other from college, our friend's lists are pretty much the same. And obviously the updates which we get from our friends are also the same.So moving onto the reason the forbidden words escaped from us. All the updates were either about new wedding photos or new born's photos uploaded..and not just from girls but also from guys who studied with us! [Quoting nichu..'This guy was in my class in fourth std..even he is married!'].

Thats how we started off on the topic on how some people just get so lucky and how unfair life can be to some. Life is indeed strange.Just when you think you are almost there, you realise that it was all just a mirage and that one blink of the eye can take away the entire picture.But for the lucky few, life is a firm portrait, drawn and colored the way their heart desires.

Eventually me and nichu embarked on the topic of the matters of the heart. That's when we talked about some of the romantic proposals we have come across [heard and seen not experienced] and i figured..why not make that the topic for the post of the day.So well here goes....

Story One:
Nichu's sister. Single,lovely, perky and a very successful IT professional in US for the last 5 years.Her fiance-to-be: A handsome, caring IT professional in US.On that lovely morning which was going to change their lives forever, he takes her out to see the new car he has bought. Surprise one, turns out that the car he bought was not for him..but for her..A steel black BMW car!!!!She is totally elated and speechless in the showroom. They are taken out for a test drive and 'chechi' is still not over the surprise of the brand new car she is going to be owning.Out comes a lovely little velvet box which held the most amazing diamond ring ever seen! She was proposed to,in her own,gifted BMW car with that gem.Though despite much persuasion she still refuses to disclose the speech he gave while presenting her with the ring.One sentence reply, if he was able to do all this..just know that the speech was not any less romantic! But me and nichu still believe that she was so taken away by all that was happening that she probably dint get to hear the speech well enough to remember it. All she must have heard was her own heart thumping away!

Just a little advice here though: When you come down to India to meet your relatives with a brand new glittering diamond ring on your finger,never simply put it across as 'Hey..i got a ring', unless you are prepared for the next question as 'Great..where did you get it from? How much did it cost?'. This piece of advice also comes from the lady of this episode.

Story Two:
Actually i cant write much here because i dont know how these two hit off.But i am still mentioning it since at one point of time,i was also involved in it.Yeah..this one is dedicated to my brother.During one of his visits home from his hostel, he walks into my room and tells me that he has won some prize coupon to get stuff from a gift shop and that he wants me to go help him spend it out. Now that's a favour which cannot be refused and i set out happily! I was still in my final year at school and i was glad of the excuse to run away from the board exam preparations!At the gift shop, i was randomly picking up whatever my teenage mind could find interesting and i sensed a little discomfort in my brother.Very slowly he approached me and put forth a request.[It was the month of february].One of his friend wants to get a gift for his lover and that he had assured him that he would be getting it.Now he wanted me to help him select it! Aaaah... little did my brother know that his kid sister was much smarter than he had taken her to be.Finally after much acting(which was just a way of probing to get more details about the girl!), we end up buying a gift. He is on his way back to the hostel.It was all i could do to wait for his next trip home to gather more information.[I was a pesky nosey little sister and very impatient too!].Finally with my investigation skills, i got all the information i needed, even the photo [;[).am smart aint i!].And this piece of information was not disclosed to anyone till the day my brother himself spoke to my parents about it...(which was almost 2 years later)Phew... was such a relief to let out that huge sigh!But like all love stories..they got married.. happily settled..and now expecting their first new member to the family! All through his courting days, i was secretly enjoying taunting him while he desperately tried to keep it a secret.

Simple ground rules:
1.Every lover will have some treasure hidden away. I was always being extra helpful to my brother by offering to empty out his bag and get his clothes neatly packed!I had no intentions of doing either..but it was fun watching him stop me from picking his bag and opening it.
2.I have absolutely no purpose in roaming around the house.I would have been much happier sitting in one place and reading a book.But in those days with no mobile phone and just fixed line connections, it was an added pleasure to make my presence felt in the room when he is desperately trying to catch up on a few words with her through the phone.

More ground rules will be shared later!

Story 3:
Nichu's cousin sister and the guy she had been dating for a while.They had been out on dinner's for many occassions and there was no reason for her to think that this dinner would be any different or special. So the dinner to BBQ Nation was just another casual outing for Tina. In the middle of the dinner,Orijith [AKA ori] presented her with a booklet tied with a ribbon.She was taken aback and little angry on having her nice dinner interrupted [come on..dinner is not the time to be reading books!]. Reluctantly she accepts the book and opens the ribbon and comes to the first page.It's a photo album filled with pictures taken right from the day-1 of their meeting.Each photo in it was special and Ori had made it even more special by adding his comments to each one of them. By the time she was near the end of the book, she was in near tears. But when she turned to the last page and read what was written there, she could not stop the tears from flowing!

Quoting : "All the pictures in there was to show what you mean to me and how our life will be together.There really is no other reason or way to tell you that i want to spend the rest of my life with you..will you marry me?" [Sighhh...Awwwwwwwwwww]

And tied to the edge of the last page in a red ribbon was the most amazing ring ever!.Even before Tina could finish her 'Yes'..out walks in their families applauding the new couple.It was one big family union and a very special moment for Tina and Ori.The fairy tale wedding took place shortly and the couple lives happily ....

By the time, we reached the end of this discussion, me and nichu were almost done with 'Awwwwwww'.

It's a pretty long post and if you are still reading this, i really thank you!
Maybe you dont need a creative proposal to invite someone to share the rest of your life with you,maybe all it takes is just one little gesture or word.But then again, like how me and nichu concluded our discussion..One has got to be really lucky and destined for it!
Else....everything is just a mirage....................

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Confessions of a confused soul .......

Yeah.. you guessed it right..pretty much at my wits end and really really bored in the weekend. My roommate has gone to trivandrum for the weekend as her parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.So it's just me and hobbes at home. [For those of you who dont know..hobbes is our one year old cocker spaniel!].I think he has figured out that i am bored,since i gave him a one hour long bath yesterday and he absolutely hates me for it!

So what is it that people like to express in a blog? Is it all philosophical stuff?Emotional stuff? practical events?

I write when i am uncomfortable or bored or when i am confused or really elated.This is when my mind starts conjuring up all the weird possible words and phrases and the most illogical connections.Most people i know, remain quiet when they are uncomfortable.Me on the other hand, i blabber absolutely non stop. The only place where this has helped me is when i am facing a crowd and giving some presentation.

For all my college classmates,i am sure my final year seminar presentation is something they will never ever forget.The topic was 'Bit Torrents'[i guess it's not even spelled like this!]. And till date i have no clue as to what it means or does. A friend of mine helped in preparing the PPT's and all the other related documents. My only duty was to stand up on the dias and pull it off.On the D-day, i clambered to the platform which will decide my being an engineer or not[the presentation accounted for almost a 100 marks, if i am not wrong!], put on my most innocent and intelligent look and started off with my best accented english in full speed.All i knew is that,i wasnt the one speaking.The only thing i remember saying is a 'Good Morning' and somewhere half an hr later 'Any questions'.

Off started the techies of the class bombaring me with questions of which i could only understand the words how,why, where. The rest was all greek and latin to me!Now i was no longer embarrased or uncomfortable.I was just plain scared and now my mind refused to do the talking part. It had deserted me,leaving me all alone to take up the repurcursions of its half an hour speech (Traitor!!).The first three questions were somehow handled with my best possible demeanour, but for the next few questions which came up my way, i gave my worst looking glare [Which thankfully was missed by the professor who was sitting to rank me].Hilarious on seeing my state and feeling considerably sorry for me, my classmates decided to spare me from further agony and started off with the applauses.After the seminars for the day was over, a friend of mine came up to me and said 'I do hope that you realise that whatever you spoke there, was in no way related to your topic and that you have left us more confused than we were when you started off'.I gave my most sheepish grin and prayed profusely that the professor dint realise this.In the end, it did so happen that since my seminar was in the middle of 6 seminars, it was kinda not heard so seriously which is why i am an engineer today (I got good marks for the presentation!).

Moral of the story - If you can't convince them...confuse them!!!

This was 3 years ago and i have come a long way from there. Atleast,now i know that quality of words matter than the quantity spoken. But i guess somewhere i am still that confused umcomfortable girl who starts blaberring the minute she senses something amiss from the ordinary!This trait of mine has accounted for most of my friends laughing their lungs out...and putting me in the most sticky situations possible.. But what the's not me making them laugh..its my mind...!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thought for the day ......

If looks could kill, i have been dead a thousand times.........!
More than the spoken words, the unspoken actions confuse me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wrist watches or Watch wrists??

So,back with a bang ! Let me just say, was not in the mood to write and express anything for quite some days.But today's journey back from office, it was magical ! Had a late start in the evening from office, so the journey started off, with the sun all ready to bid farewell and a cool breeze flowing, with the added hint of a rain..magical would be an understatement.Added to it, i was listening to this one tamil song which has been caught in my mind for quite some time now.The magic of SPB's voice ringing in my ears from my mobile.. i am still not quite sure if i was singing out loud [i got a few weird looks from my colleagues in the bus when i got up to disembark from the bus!]. Totally taken away from the present. One of the few moments in my life when i loved the silence in my head and lived in the present. After this exhilarating experience, i have gotten into this mood to speak something out. well here goes...

But write that's a big question. Nature? Rain? Romance? Nope i am not the person to write about all those [:)]. I will only kill whatever magic rests in those words. So yes i will go for a topic which is going to pull me out of this enthralling feeling and get me back on my feet!

Hmmm.. this is going to be one ridiculous post...cause i am not getting anything sensible to write about! So i am going to dedicate this post to time. The time on my right wrist !

So what's the big deal if you wear your watch on your left wrist or the right? or dont wear one at all.This might seem impossible. For instance, my father is one person who can never do without a watch on his wrist. From the time i can remember, even before my father comes for breakfast, be it a holiday or a week day, his faithful titan watch is strapped onto his left wrist. And this is never taken off till he goes to sleep. I started off my journey with time,with my first digital watch [i just cant recall the brand name :(]. My first watch, black with a pink digital display,gifted to me when i was seven. [Though all these years with a watch by my side has done nothing to improve my punctuality!].Then,the many stints in my life with time, progressed with different brands and colors of watches. Gradually i realised that watches are an obsession with me. Till date, first few things i notice on people are their watch, shoes and finger nails ;).Trust me, they speak volumes about people [so far never been wrong there!].

Eventually, i wanted to be different in my watch craze and around the age of twelve, i started wearing my watch on my right wrist.Must admit,being a right handed person, i struggled quite a bit to get it strapped onto my wrist properly.But this was just for the intial few days. Till my college days, my fancy watches have been sincerely on my right wrist,until one day when a friend refused to talk to me cos of the watch in my right hand. Pretty disturbed, i asked her why it should bother her so and prompt came the reply that - people who wear watches on their right wrists are stubborn and arrogant and with an attitude.Now i was intrigued! Attitude, yes probably.Because what initially started off as a crazy fancy to be different and cool, over the years, built some kind of comerade-ship in me.When i see people who had watches in their right wrist, i felt a sense of oneness, a feeling of being out of the ordinary[;), indeed yes, i outgrew this,before long].But at that time, to pacify my friend i tried surviving with my watch in my left hand and it was the worst few days of my life i tell you ! I always believed that appearances and attire dosent make a person, but harsh lesson learnt...wrists and watches do!!!! Till date i could never find any logical explanation for it, but to cut short the story.My watch is back where it belongs - My right wrist!!!

And i dont know if a right wristed watch makes a person stubborn and arrogant or whether a left handed one makes a person cool and great.. all i know is .. i am happier with time in my right hand! And so leaving behind the obsession of wrists and watches and moving onto just watches...i live on !!!

AAhhh..feet finally back on ground.. Its 12:15 am on a friday morning and i am wide awake.. If i wasnt so scared of the dark, i would probably be out enjoying the downpour and the cool breeze..But for now i am trying to get a wink of sleep so that i dont end this week on a sleepy note... yawwnnnnnnn!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You call it attitude?

Then wait till you meet me !
I have an attitude and i know how to use it !!