Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the mood for a bit of color today..changed the blog layout ;) ! Been all white and drab for a long long time.. now I want to get a feeling of the lovely colors around ! Spring is in full bloom..and so is my blog !
Happy to be alive !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Well well.. Looks like I am on a roll ! Totally absorbed into the poetic mood today. My last one for the day today :) !

Every conversation needs words
But you entwined ours 
with just fleeting glances distorts.

My persuasion in full eagerness
desperately I yearned for your tenderness.
I knew better than to wait for it
But a small part of me still believed in it.

I waited for the day to come
When the depth of my words are no longer numb.
But like every other promise 
this too was just, yet another sacrifice.

A look, a touch
these I miss much.
Your Silence is deafening
when my heart is wrenching.

I plucked a silence from you
I plucked a silence from me
And I entwined it into a conversation of sorts.
But you still gave me fleeting glances distorts
and every conversation needs words.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sleepless in Dublin !

On a normal weekday, I struggle to wake up in time to even make it to my bus at 8:15AM for work. Come weekend and I am wide awake by freaking 5:30AM! Totally bugged with this unfortunate turn of events and since I have nothing better to do so early in the morning, I have decided to vent this out in my blog.

Oh dear lord, its going to be one long long saturday and just when I thought I could atleast sleep the day off!

I guess my post title should be 'Sleep less' on weekdays and 'Sleepless' on weekends ! Wish there was some gadget in blogspot where I can set this to change based on the day !

Moving on, that's another fact I am loving about this place. Its so much fun to just stay huddled in the blanket. The weather is always so cold ! Every morning, waking up is like taking a dip into an icy cold frozen pond. I test the air around by just keeping a toe outside the blanket to see how cold it really is and then gradually let myself out of the cozy comforts of the warm duvet and make a dash to get dressed for work !

In my every day phone conversations with my mom, she tells me how very hot it is back in India.. I never have the heart to tell her I am literally freezing away here. This is probably the first May in my entire lifetime that I am spending huddled up and in a sweater literally the entire day. Had I been back home like every other May's in the past, I would be walking around with a big bottle of frozen water, trying to find some spot where the breeze is just mildly hot and praying for ways to keep the sun away atleast for an hour. Now I realize how unrelenting the summers in India really are. The blazing sun, the tiring heat, the hot hot hot winds and to top it all, no water and electricity supply !

My last few summers in Bangalore were terrible. Invariably we were always out of water every 3 months in the peak of summer. Waiting for those big tankers with their water supply was like a torture. Those truck drivers assumed the role of rain gods and oh god so were their prices (It was sky high) !

The heights of this torture session is when the electricity board authorities decide to taunt us by turning off the power exactly at mid afternoon. There have been days when we have even walked down to the offices and pleaded to the authorities to turn the power back on but to no avail. Its always some issue with some line in some far off place which has burnt down and needs to be replaced. What I never understood was why does the line burn off exactly at 2PM every single weekend !

All said and done, after surviving so many summers in India, it's fun to experience a new kind of summer here. A summer with water supply, power supply and temperatures in single digits !

Have I told this before here? I am in love.... with Dublin.

Europe had always been my dream destination. And this place is exactly how I had dreamed it to be. Quaint, green and so very pleasant. Just taking a walk around is so reassuring. I had been on a long walk around my office yesterday and I just couldn't make myself turn back and walk. It's what a hill station back home would be like ! No high rise glass buildings to obstruct the view of the sky. No shade of green in the trees are's like an artist's painting of what god wanted a beautiful view to be like.. Just perfect !

Yes, its true I miss the chaos back home but I love the peace here too. And all this say without even going on a single sightseeing tour here. I have been here almost 2 months and till date, I haven't visited a single place other than my office, despite the fact that one of most famous landmark here, the St.Patrick Church is right at my doorstep and with all the other major attractions being just a small walking distance apart ! I had made a huge list of all the places I wanted to see here in Dublin, the top rated being 'Glendalough', the lovely location where P.S I Love You was shot. But I guess all that will have to wait. And ya, I know this post is a stark contrast to my previous one below. But I guess 2 months is long enough time for anyone to get over homesickness and I am back on track !

Right now, I need sleep !!! It's a weekend for heavens sake and I just cannot be staying up so wide awake !
I just know that all this lost sleep in going to swoop down on me on a monday morning, when even the extra 5 minutes I shut my eyes turns out to be 2 long hours ! And since I am so bugged this particular morning, I do not choose a picture to go along with this post, unlike my every other post ! Hmph...weekend..humbug !