Thursday, February 28, 2008

Neophyte again!

Back to being a neophyte again.New job,new place, new environments.Just when you think you are all set and ready,you realise that you are nowhere where you wanted to be.Thats just when you realise that a change is needed.Or probably, its when you feel you are all settled and nothing can possibly go wrong, that you have to leave behind everything you had taken for granted and step into an entirely new shoes.Well,like that,i wore the new pair of shoes and here i am,even though not intentionally,things kind of happened.. and yes..i have landed in bangalore. The happening bangalore or so i assumed. But i guess its only a happening place for those who can afford to make things happen. To the rest, its just a simple plain old mysore..except for the traffic...which is enough to drive anyone mad... even travel lovers like me! I am praying with all my might that before my stint in banglore is over..i dont end up hating travel. Its been my life's dream to make a trip all over the world. As of date, this dream has reduced to probably travelling only the important places in the world. I am keeping my fingers crossed. one year in bangalore has changed my 'world tour' plan to a 'Imp places in world tour'. I hope that in a year or two it dosent end up becoming a 'tour of my garden'. Well, more on that later. Those details definitely dont go under a topic named 'neophyte'. I have become a veteran in travel ;).
So yes, back to where we were before we got carried away by the bangalore vehicle crushes,to my new pair of shoes.It was a huge change. And what really mattered most to me was the fact that i am closer to a lot of people by being in bangalore and that all the people who mattered to me in mysore were also no longer around in mysore. Back to being amidst college friends and relatives and friends who have been there in my life for the last 10-11 years and an entirely amazing new work culture [no swipe-in and swipe-outs,no formals and free lunch!!! For all you software engineers out there, i am sure you realise what a difference these factors make to our work life ;)].

Its been almost a year since i relocated, i guess i should have written about it then.Somehow the long time gap has diminished the neophyte feel.Right now, the place, the house and the office all feels like i been here all my life.The 700 acre campus and the food courts and the multiplex and the park and the library and the mysore palace and all feels like memories of a distant past,like out of a previous birth. In its own sweet way, both places have managed to instill their magic in me. Seeing the mysore palace being lit up on sunday nights or seeing the entire mysore city by standing atop the nandi hills at 2 am in the morning in the chill cold of december or seeing the traffic lights always red in bangalore or the cluttered pedestrain filled roads of bangalore ..all these still manage to bring the same amount of emotions in me.The magic is never lost whether you are in the place or whether the place is a memory of what feels like a previous era. With each passing year, i remember with a heavy heart the one year that i am leaving behind. Each birthday has always reminded me that i am veteran of the last age and a neophyte to the new age that i am entering. Places change, people change, evrything around me might change... but i still get to be a neophyte every year...
More posts on my learnings as a veteran and my mistakes as a neophyte.Till then... always believe in beginner's luck... Neophyte's Serendipity!!!