Saturday, August 29, 2009

This one's for you Ryan

Like someone rightly said, the best things in the world comes in the smallest package and right now i just cannot agree more.

A pair of tiny curled up fists, two tiny slits in the face from which looked out the most innocent pair of eyes, a near bald head with few tufts of fur [not hair really!!] staying tangled up here and there, tiny feet kicking the air around and the most wonderful part - the aroma of a new born, these are what welcomed me as i walked into the hospital room to see you for the first time.

I am not intending this to be a bollywood style filmi masala post, but maybe years later when you do drop by to read your aunt's blog, do remember to stop at this post and know that she still feels the same love for you as she did when she was composing this post for you!

Babies are always special. I have always wondered seeing mine and my brother's baby photos ' in the world did something so small and cute like that grow up to be something like this !!' Let's see how better you are going to fare ryan ! :) But for the time being i just remember you as two day old baby covered up in a blue towel and making cute lil gurgling noises in your crib.

Nope, you are definitely not the first baby i am holding, not the first baby to hurl your curled up fists at me. There have been plenty of wonderful cute babies around, but you came when i was at a age to realise that a baby is just not another source of entertainment in the house, but infact a new realm of life which can transform the life of the parents and the entire household, a responsibilty so big and new, a creation solely belonging to the parents and no one else! For the first time in my life, i was looking at a new life with a much more deeper sense of understanding. Well...if you are confused, let me just put it simpler..your aunt just admitted she is getting mature!

Anyways, i know i looked into your eyes and told you that i do really love you.. and you returned my love with a huge yawn [I must say..for a 2 day definitely gave a huge yawn!]. I spent hours sitting by your side and watching you sleep.You definitely dreamt a lot those days!After a while i lost count of the number of times you smiled, frowned, whimpered and pouted in your sleep.Though for the life of me, i still can't imagine what a 2 day old baby has so much to dream about !! In all our lives together ,i am sure to have pestered you to tell me about those dreams if you do still remember them..and i reiterate the same statements here - do post it as your comments in here !

I really loved hearing you bawl, which was very seldom, since you were a pretty well behaved baby and preferred sleeping away the entire time [way to go boy! that definitely shows we are the same blood!!] But the few times that you did cry, i have stopped rhea and your dad from consoling you immediately.. atleast not until i knew that your cries are still resounding in my head.

Everytime i held you in my arms, i could feel your heart fluttering away through the towels wrapped around you and i have always whispered in your ears that i promise to be careful with you in my arms.I realised i have never held something so pure ever before.

The aroma of your powder soaked towels and the baby oil and your baby smell, those were what i call the 'scent of life'.If your mom ever looked around for your one day old baby socks, actually just a sock, tell her its still safely tucked away in my bag :) !

I dont know what it is that your tiny feet or fists or your little eyes did, but you definitely bought a new meaning to life for me, with just your presence.

Your addition to my life has made me open my eyes to the reality around me and realise that life does move on...................

I love you, my lil ryan baby.........

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a lil thought...from the bottom of my heart....

As I look back on all that's happened..growing up, growing together, changing you, changing me,changing us -- there were times when we dreamed together, when we laughed and cried together. As I look back on those days, I realize how much I truly miss you and how much you meant to much i love you. The past may be gone forever..and whatever the future holds, our todays make the memories of tomorrow. So, my lifetime friends, it is with all my heart that I send you my love, hoping that you'll always carry my smile with you, for all we have meant to each other and for whatever the future may hold.
For a day which really means nothing... but nevertheless.... just for the heck of it....Happy friendship day !!!