Monday, October 7, 2013

The day I let you go

Have you ever met somebody and felt that the person was absolutely perfect?

So inspite of my friends advising me that going for his wedding was a terrible mistake, I still had to.

He was my Mr.Perfect. 
I had to make sure his wedding would be too. Also his bride.

I could have been the most beautiful girl at the venue and he still would have never given me a second look.

I saw the perfect love in his eyes. For his perfect bride. In her perfect finery.
I saw them share that perfect smile. That one moment of solitude which was just theirs even amidst the sea of people around them.
I saw the way he used every opportunity he could, to hold her hands.
I saw him desperately try to get her to give him one more look, each time.
I saw him perfectly happy. For the new life he had chosen.
I saw he couldn't wait for tomorrow to dawn. To wake up beside his perfect wife.
To start his perfect new life.

This sinking feeling I have in my heart, maybe it's the perfect pain? Self inflicted. Because it was too perfect to let go of. No matter how hard it hurts.

Break the heart into a zillion pieces a hundred times and the idiot still refuses to let go of it's optimism. Maybe that is it's way of being perfect.

So I give one last look at the one person who wanted to be in my world no more and I walk out into the perfect night. A night which neither him nor I will ever forget. 
Him for finding his love and........ me, for seeing mine with his.

That perfect evening... One I hope I never have to live through again.

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