Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Rings in..........!!!!!

"So what's your plan for new year?"

Ever been bombarded with this question almost like a month away from December 31'st? Why? Why is this a matter of life and death at the end of each year? And for heaven's sake, why would i decide what my plans for the entire year is just cause its the end of one year. I wish that, atleast, people would remember to add the word 'Eve' at the end of their question.Dosent it make more sense to ask 'So what's your plan for new year's eve'? And isn't that a much simpler question to answer than to try and chart out what might be a probable answer to a generic question regarding my plans for the entire year?[Pretty complex statement isnt it? ;) ].

I am not trying to extinguish this huge fireball of energy which has just sprung up in everyone, but honestly does it really matter so much for one year to end and for another to begin? And further more, given the scenario in today's world i dont really expect to see anything great in the coming year.In fact i am sad that a nice year is coming to an end and a more uncertain one is going to come in. Do i hear you ask me a 'Why'? Well, here's why..

All companies are dreading that fateful day when the previous year's performance results are read out .

The market is plunging right down like there is no end to the depth of the earth.
With Lay Off's becoming a common talk,i hear that people have come to dread the color pink [black is more in! Mourning is the feel for the day..everyday!].

Moving onto more general topics for more depression, as rightly observed by a friend of mine, we are in for a struggle next year.Banglore is facing a dire dearth of electricity.Being winter now, we still have close to 4 hrs of powercut every day despite being in the heart of the city. Want to bet for what's in store for the summer? Hotter burning days, no water, no electricity.One comfort would be to spend as much time as possible in office, in the cool airconditioned rooms and unlimited internet surfing.But who is giving the guarantee that one would still be having the claim to what's called 'Your place in office'? Pretty bleak isnt it?

Well, for a really optimist person, we decide to put all these disturbing facts at the back of our head and just head off to party away and welcome the new year with a blast. Are we spared there? Entry charges to most parties cost anywhere between 2500 to 8500 Rs for a couple for the night [Till 4500, food and drinks are not included].This much, for the same food and drinks we get to drink on any other day for less than half the price? As if this isnt enough, Seperate entry charges for male and female 'STAGS'.While a couple gets an entry for 4500 Rs,a male stag is charged around 3500-4000 and a female stag ends up paying somewhere close.So ultimately, one ends up paying a fortune for what isnt really worth it, with a hard realisation being thrown at the face that one more year has passed and you are still miserably single and lonely!!!!!!

Whatever's happened to 'Saving for a rainy day'?

I have pondered a lot over whether i should see the cup half empty or half full! Still confused and unable to decide. Any suggestion folks?

Inspiration for this post - Had logged in to my orkut account in the morning and what do i see in the 'Today's Fortune' section?

The guy who reads your fortune was fired. Until we hire a new guy, go visit a friend's album
Cool ain't it? [ ;) ].

So for all you folks out there.. Enjoy it while it lasts.Just change the reason for the partying ..Lets not party to welcome in a bleak and uncertain new year. ..Lets party for the wonderful year that we are leaving behind and thank it for all the lovely memories and people it gave us!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned afore is just an assumed rounded off figure and is subject to change.

And yes, i am all set to party my new year's eve away!!! [ ;) ].....

Also, i am awfully sorry i could not upload the picture of the christmas tree in my room,as promised, solely cause i am unable to transfer it to my comp from the mobile as i lost the cable.For those of you who wish to see it, its saved in my mobile [ :) ].

Friday, December 26, 2008


Somehow, i have always been intrigued by the arab world. The stringent cultures, their total lack of respect for any other religion,the harsh rules and punishments, the apparent downtrodden state of women, the richness and wealth, their taste in architecture, all these somehow filled me with a strange mix of fancy and fear. Not being an ardent believer of any one religion or god [i firmly believe that there's just one universal power], from my very childhood i wanted to find out more about this undisclosing group of people. Its probably this trait of mine which has developed in me to read as much as possible about it. And read is exactly what i did. Any book which talks about the followers of prophet mohammad or their lives, i could never do without reading it. In fact, at one stage of my life i had become so obsessed about knowing more that i even contemplated heading off to Saudi Arabia [Since this is where we get find the most revered and firm believers in the preachings of prophet mohammad]. But this was solely delayed due to the fact that i dint have a passport and that i was just in tenth Standard. My father would have had a fit had i told him that i wanted to head off to Saudi Arabia after my tenth [ :) ]. I knew i would make it possible some day and i decided to save my father from the shock until then.

Hence my first trip to dubai was filled with anticipation. It was like my life's one of the biggest dream coming true. I was finally about to set foot in the land which had me so intrigued. Sad to say, i was filled with dismay on landing there since it was nothing similar to the image conjured up by my young mind from the age of fifteen. While one side of me rejoiced in seeing all the vast beauty and facilities dubai had to offer , a small part of me still longed to see the strict and reserved arab world. Each time my brother pointed out a house which was possibly occupied by some rich arab family, all the images i had in my mind from the many years of reading just ran in front of my eyes. How i longed to ring the bell and enter the 'forbidden door to non-muslims and foreigners', to see the life i had read so much about, to see the people i had unconsiously befriended, all the sultana's and mariam's and ali's and muhammad's. It is indeed strange that the human nature always loves to pursue what has been kept out of reach, what has been deeply guarded.

Of the many memorable places in dubai i visited, my favourite remains the traditional arab village we had visited 'The Hatta Heritage Village' and the desert tour. Walking through the traditional village, it was almost as if i could hear the voices of people who had spent their lives in the desert.The kids who had played unknowing of the harsh realities in the future, the women crouching in fear and meekly obeying the menfolk, the veils covering their face, the much despised 'Abaaya' [ Long black outer cloak] covering every inch of their skin from the eyes of everyone around, the sweet smell of 'Athar' casting a forbidden and tantalising aroma around them. [This is another of the many possessions i have preserved from my dubai trip, Athar. Even before i set foot in the land of my dreams, i had decided i wanted something of that land to take back with me, to rekindle the Arab world thoughts in me.And what's more good for it than the aroma of the Arab land itself - Athar. ]

Even after returning back home, my curiosity still managed to eat at the back of my head. So when i first laid my eyes on the book 'Princess' by Jean Sasson, i couldnt resist but plunge headlong into it. And i must say i came out shocked and shaken. Probably it might have been that my earlier collection of books had never mentioned anything about the Arab life is such detail or outlined the animosities in such detail. The book managed to leave me thinking. Thinking about all the many thoughts which had been in my memory for the last 10 or so years.
I suggest, the book - MUST READ. The author has managed to give such a vivid description of every incident in the Princess Sultana's life that you manage to feel the pain and the helplesness that she feels. It makes your heart pound and makes you want to scream out to every single person around you ---to let a woman live.

PS: If you are a feminist, highly likely that you end up firming your beliefs about it on reading this book.

Another book, which holds a very special place in my heart 'A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS'. It remains special to me cause i finished reading the book in the Oil rich Arab Land.
Nonetheless, my curiosity of the arab world has not reduced and i still want to make my trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia someday in my lifetime.

Next book i plan to read - Daughters of Arabia and Love in a Torn Land. Comments and reviews about it in a later post.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Role Models

Does the above statement bring out pictures of hot sensous females clad in the most fashionable clothes or men who look like carved out of marble but still breathes life? Well if it does, i am sorry but that wasn't the kind of models in a role i meant to dedicate this post to.This one goes out to all the wonderful people whom you so dearly love and want to be like. Hmm.. that description dosen't fit the title of this post either.. i had so badly wanted to look like Penelope Cruz and Sushmita sen and Diana..but somehow none of them instilled in me the desire to have my life followed in their footsteps.So to make more sense or rather to describe the essence contained in the title, i guess its better to read the rest of the post and understand for yourself.

All through our growing ages, we always awed over the multiple plastic faces and fancy characters created by some imaginative soul and shown to us in the general media. For me, my different role models over the years have been Tom (from tom and jerry), then Betty from the archies comics, George from Famous Five, the saucepan man from the Enid Blyton Series of The Faraway tree, malayalam actress shobana, revathi, then bollywood actress Madhuri and finally landed up at Diana.

But it was not until i left the cozy comforts of my home that i realised who my true role model is.The one person who gave the strength to move on, the wisdom to understand, the sense and sensibility to lead my life, to uphold the self respect bestowed upon me. The one person whose soft hands turned coarse in trying to ensure a softer and easier path for me in life.The one person whose glow in eyes i failed to see while we are around.The one who's every heart beats just for her beloved and loved ones... My mother. At every step, at every juncture in my life, i know the one person to approach if in doubt. From a very young age, both me and my brother had been given the freedom to choose our paths and carve our niche in this world. She firmly believed she had achieved in imparting the wisdom in us for us to make the right decisions.
If there is anything i want to be when i grow up..its to be you ..mom. To have your sense of judgement, your warmth in heart and most importantly the ability to instill in my children the same sense of freedom and judgement and wisdom that you have given us with such ease and confidence.

And if any of you feel that fathers are any less important... you got it wrong! Fathers have always provided the invisble strength to our mothers in moulding us to better persons. They have always been the unselfish people who would rather be behind the curtains and prompt the main actors to get their lines correct. They expect nothing in return for it either. No applauses, no cheers. All that matters is to see their children remain on stage for as long as possible in the limelight.

Here's a snippet i happened to come across. It really struck my heart with such a fierce force that for one minute i longed to be in the arms of my mother and father.To feel their loving embrace and the warmth of their love. To be able to see them just once more and tell them how important they are to me, how grateful i am to them for having given me everything in this world and for having made me what i am today...................

"Have you ever watched them sleep...
Have you ever watched your parents while they were asleep? Your father's body once big and strong but now the big is withered and the strong is weaker.Wisps of grey peek out from his hair, wrinkles now scar his forehead and face.
This man works very hard every day and would sacrifice anything to make sure his family is provided for and his children get the best education possible.
Or how about your mother, whose soft hands once cuddled and held you close when you were a baby?Now,those hands are dry and rough, bearingevidence of the challenges she faced just for us.This woman takes care of our daily needs, constantly nagging and scolding us because of her love for us.But sadly, we often misconstruct her love as control and unfairness.
I have never thought of watching my parents while they slept.I've watched my cousins sleep when they were babies, all round and cuddly and sweet smelling,But watch my parents...??
Right now i realised, my parents do not have to be asleep for me to realise that they have aged.Just looking at my mother walk tells me that her legs are not as strong as they were before.Or hearing her ask me for help with that flowerpot in the garden, the one she used to be able to push and drag around the garden without my help.Or watching my dad struggle with a bag of rice.
All these tells me that my parents are aging, just as i am ageing.But i am ageing towards my best years and become stronger, they are becoming weaker.They were once the caregivers and i the receiver,But now time has reversed our roles.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Nope..dont get me wrong. I am not scrooge. I love vacations. I still havent been able to figure out how any human being could possibly think of a vacation as heart breaking. Unless ofcourse a vacation means being away from your loved ones or leaving behind something you really care for. Come to think of it, i guess the above two are the only probable reasons for anyone to shirk away from vacations.
But do you know what i hate about vacations. Being alone in a place while the rest of the world around you is out 'vacationing' [don't know if there is a word like this.If it isnt, dont fret.It will find its way to Deepthi's Oxford dictionary!]. Yeah so coming back to where we were,vacations spent alone and what could be more miserable than spending your vacation working away! Sob sob..i aint complaining because i had a choice and i could have opted for a vacation too.But unfortunately i had to take mine a few weeks before the onset of the actual vacation mood. Right now i am just back from an absolutely refreshing break, all recharged up and what do i see.All around me the christmas and new year cheer has spread and people are all set to head home and greet santa and the next year with no work in their mind. And i am left behind. All the recharging from the holidays just drain out of my body seeing this.

Hey..that gives me a good topic to write about..My wonder days vacationing while the rest of the world worked on. [and now i am working on while the rest of the world is vacationing!].
So for all you folks out there....Here's wishing you a very very merry christmas and a very very happy new year... much in advance!

The perfect picture to go along with this post is the picture of the christmas tree in my room.Will upload it very soon!!!!

Till then.............................................. bah! Humbug!!! :P [;)]