Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A first proposal...

Will you marry me? Please..

I look down at the bright shining eyes looking at me with so much adoration that I felt my heart melt away and along with it, I could also feel all my worries just give way. The world seemed a much better place to live. Life looked beautiful again. I felt pretty again...But this was a question, I know I can never say 'Yes' to.

But yet again, looking down at that bright face with so much expectations on his earnest face, I just couldnt make myself speak out the much detested 'No'.

No, I dint want to be the first girl who has ever broken his heart. He would only remember me for that, for the rest of his life. The girl who rejected his first ever proposal. I might even scar him for life. He might never again be able to propose another girl.

But then, he's only 4 now ! He has got plenty of time left in his life to get back up on his feet and fall in love again.

And as for me, I am already 26 and this was the closest anyone had ever come to proposing me ! Oh dear.. was I in a dilema or what ! I burst out laughing and my youngest suitor again looked up at me in astonishment.

It's not like he was on the floor, propped on one knee with a ring in one hand and waiting for my answer. He popped the question to me while playing with his train set and he was still busy playing with it, unheedful of my answer to his question.

My curiousity entirely peaked, I ask him 'Okay. So tell me why do you want to marry me?'

Still playing, he replies 'I love the chocolate milk shake you make. I love the way you make the faces on my sandwich you know. All my friends are so jealous of my sandwiches.I dont let them touch it you know. And you buy me better clothes than mummy. Mummy doesnt know to spike my hair either'.

'Hmm..but I still do all that for you na, just like your mummy. Why do you want to marry me?' I probe the little mind again.

He looks up at me and speaks out with full honesty 'Mummy is already married to daddy na. But you are not married to anyone. Thats why I will marry you. So you be here with us full time ok'.

And I hug the little one so tight he screams to be let go and curses me for spoiling his well spiked hair ! And I still burst out laughing looking at my first ever little suitor, who so genuinely offered to be by my side for the rest of our lives.

Well, he is 6 years old now. Still a very very long way to go for him to get married. But the day he finds his beautiful princess and offers her his heart. I am going to swoop down and accuse him for not marrying me as he promised ! Until then, I bask in the glory of the most innocent marriage proposal I ever got !


Sudha Naik said...

Sooo .. cute .. Its always good to hear what kids talk :)

Kohl_lined said...

so adorably cute :)


Shiffy Varkey said...

Who was that Deeps?

Shiffy Varkey said...

Who was that Deeps?

Deeps said...

Thank you sudhajee and Kunj :) !
@ shiff: hehehe..thats my shining knight in white armour.. ;) !

Jayadevan said...

Hahaha... Nothing more to add :)

Unknown said...

wow! mast! so cute!

Spaceman Spiff said...

See, that's the thing with kids. They'll give you the most logical explanations, as compared to adults, who say vague things like "You complete me, you brighten up my life" blah blah blah. Frankly, "I love the chocolate milkshakes you make" makes a whole lot more sense to me than "I love watching the stars with you because they twinkle like your eyes do".

Yes, I know. I'm a total romance-killer. :P

Deeps said...

@JD: Yeah.. I heard your reviews :) !

@Unknown: Thank you for the comment. Would love it if you leave your name next time around :)!

@ Spaceman :) : I know ! The innocence and truth in their statements in unbeatable. I guess growing up makes an individual a terrible liar ! Thanks for the comment :)!

TheGreatOne said...

Sweet! :)