Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dream your dreams with your eyes closed.....

....but live them with your eyes open.

Dream catcher.

That's what he told me it was. Comes in any color I may want.

Hang it above your head when you go to sleep. It will filter your dreams. The mesh won't let the bad dreams come to you. Only the good ones can reach you. It will be like living a fantasy.

I smile at him. Seeing his enthusiasm in trying to get me to buy one.

It isn't rocket science to figure out that I am a sucker for anything which sounds even remotely fantasy.

I don't have any bad dreams when I am asleep. I have to live through them when I am awake. Do you have anything to filter those? I ask him.

Now he smiles back at me. I guess he has understood why I am in the 'fantasy' aisle now. 

Or rather - Do you have a dream catcher I can use to filter somebody else's dreams? As the name goes, shouldn't it be something I can use to catch another person's dream? I would most certainly need one in that case. I desperately need to get into somebody's mind. A one somebody who didn't want me to be in his mind.

He moves on to the next customer.

I really must stop talking to strangers !

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