Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I am done crying.. for today. Tomorrow is yet to dawn.

For a girl, I am quite stuck up. In fact, maybe even arrogant.

So when I finally let my tears gush, I regret the fact that it had to be in front of him.

I hate to admit that he had his victory. And he loved the fact that he relished my defeat.

As reluctant as I am, I always let him come back to me.

But for someone as detached as him, turning back was never difficult.

In the end, it is always my broken self left alone to loathe in self pity.

And yet one more time, I disguise it all over again as my arrogance.

Maybe, for a girl, I am a good actor too.

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Ajith Nambiar said...

I had a breakup a couple of months ago... she left me and gave no reason apart from that she has changed. ..we knew each other for 3 years. .so how does one suddenly just stop being what they are.... anyway s ur words can be related. .ur pain may not.... sorry