Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a day older..not so wiser !

This is probably the first post, I am not going to be putting up in my social networking site and shout out about. No harm in doing that, or so I thought. But then, apparently we are at an age where even disclaimers are never understood !

My writings are not always about me. Some of them are, some aren't. 
My writings aren't always true. Some may have happened, some may probably be the way I had hoped it would happen and some are probably what I hope will happen.  

But sharing these thoughts in an open forum made me the center of scrutiny in every aspect of my life. I want to spare myself that agony. I love writing, but I hate the fact that people use it to judge me.

Go on. Judge me if you so want to. I take the bliss in knowing that me and only me knows the truth (or hidden lies) in every word in my posts ! That is a good feeling and I don't mind enjoying it for a while.

And thus I embark onto today's post and my first one for this year. 

My inspiration for this post: Solitude

The only birthday I have spent in absolute solitude, confined to the 4 walls of my house. It's not that I dint try. I feel enlightened. It gave me a lot of 'Me' time.

If you ask me how I wanted this day to be. I would have loved to be woken up by  Hobbes barking and licking away my face. Be dragged out of bed by amma and make an early morning visit to the temple. Be swamped by flowers and gifts by near and loved ones. Cut a cake lighted up by 29 glowing candles. Blow them out with one swift gush of breath and pray out my heart's biggest wish. Have everyone sing out the 'Happy birthday' song. Go out for an outstanding dinner treat with my friends. Fun, laughter, teases, friendly punches. It would have been a day to remember, like all my other birthdays.

And how did this day turn to be..well that's a memory I take to the end.

I guess I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, hoping for the wrong people to do the right things or the right people to do... anything... maybe !

This is going to be a post I am going to regret when I wake up tomorrow morning.  But I am not letting this one come down. Certainly not one of my best work at all, but someday I can sit and think as to how much of what I wrote here was true or wasn't true ! Spending a birthday alone can crack anyone up I guess and a birthday spent with no cakes, flowers or gifts, well ... ... Happy birthday to me ! I just hope turning 30 wouldn't be so uneventful ! The last year I get to say 'In my twenties'..toast away !