Friday, May 24, 2013

A new beginning

And the deed is done.

For the last 7 years, my blog had been my identity. I never wanted to name my blog anything but my name. I was open to sharing my opinions with the world. I was never ashamed of what I wrote here and I was more than proud to share my blog with the rest of the world. I had been proud of being honest in my actions and deeds. I don't see why I should hide away and walk. But apparently, if you try standing alone, you will only be left alone. Walk with the crowd and you turn invisible.

And today, at this crossroad in my life, my blog , like me, has to be go anonymous. Inspite of all my big words and claims, I succumb to the pressure of the external society and let my thoughts go unheard and invisible. I hope a lot of world peace is achieved with this action of mine. Because if not, somebody is going to pay for this !

I am doing this only due to the unrelenting pressure on me from every side.Oh ! If only writing wasn't my first love, I wouldn't have hesitated even a second before deleting this blog out and going on with my life. Sadly this is the first and only love I have in this world. Giving it up would kill me more than having given up my life and future.

So to everyone who had read my blog as 'deepthi' so far.. I am just 'anonymous' moving forward. And if any of you happen to stumble across this new blog link, please post a comment on how you got here ! I would love to hear from you ;) !

And as a result, I am supposed to take down my photo too. Honestly I don't see what I have written here that has irked some part of this society so much, but to ensure continued sustainability and in the interest of common happiness, that deed is done too. My picture in blogspot comes down too.

Hopefully... a new beginning......

Edited note: May 26'th 2013 - The link is back again.I just couldn't resist it. I am no invisibilitycharm or anonymous. It's back to what it should be and that's what it will be. If this causes world war 3..big deal !! All I can say is 'I don't care !

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Sudha Naik said...

Happy to see you back ... You Keep on going dear .. I am with you as always :)