Sunday, September 15, 2013

Writer's block

So I read an article today on which was very interesting. Turns out that not every famous author today have become who they are because they wanted to. Apparently most of them, like me, started out as a blogger, jotting their daily life events in a blog. The blog did the rounds, went on to be famous and bingo.. their first book is a best seller !

I don't dream of being an author, nor do I have the belief that any book I write is going to be a best seller, but I did get inspired from the article to do one little thing today. I have made my blog public again. I love to write. It's my biggest passion in life and right now, my biggest consolation too ! So why hide away something that I so absolutely love and am vain about? I have never claimed that everything I write in my blog is about me, or my life. A few yes, a few are just the outcome of my crazy imagination let wild..well hello..isn't that what writing is all about anyways?? And to add to the confusion, there is one aspect of my writing which I am trying to change now. I can only write in the first person. I find it more personal and makes it easier to let the emotions flow when it's a first person narrative. So if this gives out the impression that every post here is about me..I cannot argue there. But as the reader, it's upto you to decide how judgmental you want to be about me.

Am I going to lose friends because my blog is public? I say, no big deal ! I count on a few who have stood by me through thick and thin. As for the rest, it's your choice.

So here's to an open public blog again, inspite of all the roller coasters that life has been taking me through. I sure am going to miss the mystery I had created around myself. But then again, you can't win them all, can you?

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