Friday, September 20, 2013

1 - The perfectly imperfect affair

I never look in the mirror twice.
I hate to see imperfections.
I can never stop looking at you.
I love perfections..
.........................Did I tell you?

Today was special.
I spent hours.
Putting on my makeup
and trying on clothes.

I never liked pink.
But I know you like girls in pink.
You think it makes them feminine.
Though you never knew
I loved sapphire blue.

I hope to catch your attention today
To tell me my efforts paid off.
That I am a sight not for sore eyes
But a sight to melt your heart.

"Trust no fair skinned woman.
She is easily led by temptation
too much of which comes her way."
My friends tell me you are a jerk
for entertaining a thought that astray.

My skin still stays fair
adorned by the pink I much detest.
And yet you never knew,
I loved sapphire blue
And a very perfect you.

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