Tuesday, December 17, 2013

13 - The Omen

The number 13 has always been bad luck for me. Even if it is just a string in the digits of a year. So yes 2013 and a couple of years before that has been one heck of a roller coaster life journey for me. And I couldn't heave a bigger sigh of relief as all this comes to an end. Finally !

As I bid good bye to all of this, I realized I have changed a lot when it comes to what I have believed in or taken for granted. I am very glad few people decided to get out of my life. And I am more glad I got to kick out some too ! The list is still on, but I am definitely going to do a fool proof plan this time around ! Life doesn't give second chances more than once. I plan to start the new year on a new note. Absolutely !

My take on life as I see it
Family = Blessing !
Girlfriends = Oxygen !
Love = Bullshit !
Attitude = Practice !
Husband = Stranger !
In laws = Torture !
Marriage = Agony !
Men = Opportunists !
Sex = Demeaning !
Money = Therapy !
Food = Happiness !
Work = Heaven !
Nature = Soul-mate !
Dreams = Inspiring !
Nightmares = Frequent !
Dogs = Companion !
ME = THANKFUL !!!!!! I finally make sense of it all. 

Highlight of the year - When my one year old niece hugged me and woke me up in the morning..or was it the moment when the judge said 'I grant the divorce' ?

.. Happy that a crappy year is coming to an end !!! 

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