Saturday, February 9, 2013

You & I

It's just a silver ring, I say.
Yes, but it's what you got me, he tells me.

Why don't you go out for a walk?
I rather spend that time here with you.

You look dumb with your hair so short.
But you hate my messy hair when I let it grow.

Why do you always want to hold my hands?
Because your's fit perfectly into mine.

Why can't you cook for a change?
Because you are the best cook I have ever seen.

You are a terrible kisser.
I have kissed only you.

Will you ever leave me and go?
Yes, If you find someone who can love you more than I do.

I have been talking only about you, Don't you want to ask me anything back?
I have also been talking only about you. All my replies have 'you' in it.

Why is it always a choice of either giving 'up' or giving 'in'?
Have you considered giving 'back'?

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