Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thy See!

What do u think is the first thing you notice in another person? what is it that draws you to make conversation with a stranger? what is it that makes you keep going back to someone? what is it that u miss a lot when tht special someone is not around u?

My answer to all the questions is... EYES!..yes..eyes, the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most expressive among evrything else that god has given us. Not even words come as close as being expressive as eyes are. The first thing i notice about another person is his/her eyes. It gives away that persons very thoughts when they meet us. I love to see the way eyes twinkle when a loved one comes my way, i notice the way my mothers eyes are when she sees me indulging in something i am forbidden to do, i love to see the seething anger in my friends eyes when i miss her bday and run to meet her to make up for it. I love to see my puppy's eyes light up when he sees me walk in to the room. I love seeing my dad's eyes turn moist when he hears me give a sensible reply [thats one thing my dad never thought i would be able to do ;)] .
Eyes display every emotion in a human mind.. eyes.. the eyes.. I dont think there ever lived a poet who has not described the magic of eyes in their poems nor that there ever lived a lover who hasnt lost himself in his lover's eyes.. yeah i know..too mushy for my liking too...but somehow the magic of eyes are never lost.. not even in this era of scantily dressed females and shirtless muscle guys... its still eyes which dominates evrythin else ;)... wat say folks????

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PP (Sreejith) said...

I Completely agree....