Friday, October 5, 2007

The essence of life

Yet another colorless and lifeless day. Nothin much happens. Its always the same old story.The same old mysore city, the same old office campus,the same old comp, the same monotonous work .Then its the hard journey back home.Bus full of tired workers, i thank my stars if i get place to keep both my feet down and stand in the bus.Sitting and travelling is more like a dream come true.Overcoming all the hardships, i reach stillness and more loneliness. Feel such a huge lump in my throat when i open the door and go in and find evrything still and calm. Life really can be such a bore and i am going through the worst phase of life right now.New place, unfamiliar surroundings, loads of work and worst of all not a single soul around to share the mishaps in the day. This is when i miss being a child at home.Miss the cozy room my mom cleans and keeps fresh every single day.The plush sofa where i can just dangle my legs or curl up and catch my fav movie in the tv.Or better still, lie under the warm blanket and gaze at the rainy afternoon through my window. Sit in the balcony and talk for hrs with dad and mom and sip hot tea...I miss my home... i miss being at home.. I used to dream of a day when i will become independent and earn my living...but this is not how i wanted it... i want to be the little girl again... Achan's 'papa'..amma's 'ammu'..ettan's scratch post.... I hate being a grown up..... geez..i salute all u brave souls out there for keeping a smile on your face and still be a grown up..This is prolly one lesson i am hoping life will teach me eventually.But as of now, i have badly flunked in all of life's lessons for being a grown up!.

PS: is thr any ritten rule abt bloggin that one post needs to deal only with one topic?Can i just rite all my thoughts into one post and just label it as post of the day?cos seriosuly right now i am getting so many thoughts running thru my head which i would love to post.. but i just cant seem to connect any of those...

nope..enuff is enuff.. i have already muddled up this post to the possible till next time.. if i am sane enuff and if anything's happened in my life which i can rite abt..its adios from me. Just a word before all u ppl out thr..never ever ignore wats thr in ur life today.. cos one day it mite not be thr and dats the day u will miss it the evryone around u...give ur best..give ur most.. if one day u dont wan to find urself alone! i wish i cud do that..but thrs no one around me to take wat i can give..give me one more chance to live my life all over again.... pls

well back to my colorless life and my one and only faithful companion who takes me thru the day..cofeee......................!

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