Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Well well.. Looks like I am on a roll ! Totally absorbed into the poetic mood today. My last one for the day today :) !

Every conversation needs words
But you entwined ours 
with just fleeting glances distorts.

My persuasion in full eagerness
desperately I yearned for your tenderness.
I knew better than to wait for it
But a small part of me still believed in it.

I waited for the day to come
When the depth of my words are no longer numb.
But like every other promise 
this too was just, yet another sacrifice.

A look, a touch
these I miss much.
Your Silence is deafening
when my heart is wrenching.

I plucked a silence from you
I plucked a silence from me
And I entwined it into a conversation of sorts.
But you still gave me fleeting glances distorts
and every conversation needs words.

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