Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inked for life

Of the many crazy things I know I am sure to do in my life, a Tattoo was probably the last thing in the list. No, I guess it was not even there in the list . And how it turned out to be among the first few I actually did is still a mystery to me.

But now, over a year later since I got inked for life, I am ready to write about it :) ! [The final step was when my parents actually admired it.. though they have forbidden me from getting any more !]

In fact until a few years ago, I had no clue about the whole idea of tattooing. And even when I did come to know about it, I dint really find anything captivating about it, definitely not for me.. a person who till date creates a huge drama in a hospital if the doctor refers me for a blood test !

When nichu walked in one fine day and proudly displayed her first tattoo..I remember how aks and myself yelled out at her.
And in less than 4 months I was on my way to get my first tattoo done :)

Going back to the transition in these 4 months, I guess it was more of my craving to do something different, out of the ordinary. [This explanantion dint hold good while explaining to my mom as to why I got the tattoo done ;)]

Come to think of it..I never really had any reason for getting it done. It was an instinctive impulse and the only remorse I had was for the amount it costed me !

Nevertheless, the reactions of the kids in my hostel in complimenting me on being a 'cool didi ' ;) with the tattoo or the way I have managed to inspire the next generation in my family [who by the way have allowed to title me to be the first person in the tattoo genre ;) ] is more than reason enough for my tattoo adventure ! And I am proudly admiring my new addition ! :) Now all I need to complete the look is a few pairs of rugged clothes and a mexican desert and I am good to go... to flaunt my new look !

Ps: If any of you wish to get a tattoo done, I would recommend darkarts studio in bangalore. They do some of the most amazing designs I have ever seen, comparable to the miami ink and LA ink ones !


TheGreatOne said...

What? You guys didn't know Nichu is going to get it done? :D

@Deeps: You can at least show a snap of the tat to me! :-|

/\/!$#/\/\! said...

@Sounak-they knew!!!! i totally told them... and i remember that day very well... i was so disappointed that she totally didn't like my tattoos, we ended up snapping at each other.. :D
But now, in the end, i am just smiles... O:)
@Aks- Sorry Bro... :D

/\/!$#/\/\! said...

Deeps:- you know why I am looking back at this blog after so long.. :)
By writing this blog, you INKED abt me as well.. ;) Though it was unintentional... Love you for it... :)
And of course, after 2 yrs, when it comes to Deepthi's and Tattoos, I can only smile and say to myself "I told you so" :P