Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the Limelight

Yeah.. to the topic most widely talked about topic today.. Oscars !!!!
Was doing a research on it ... So india bags 6 this time !! The masters are at it again.
Sat down to make the above picture immediately. Heath Ledger.. I had a good mind to fly all the way and fire away at all the jury members had they not given the oscar to him !! One talented actor.. and i was pretty shocked on seeing that he was infact a very handsome young man[;)].But a sad ending.
The music genius 'A R Rahman', wonder how he gets all this creativity. My latest obsession-Slumdog's songs and Delhi 6 songs. Though must add, while slumdog qualified as the best ever movie, Delhi-6 has proved to an utter disappointment. The few good aspects of the movie are the songs,the song choreography and fcors Abhi!!!. I whiled my time away oogling at the fellah in the big screen because the story and the direction was really down in the dumps !! Had such high hopes on the movie [:(]. Loved abhi in the 'Gendaphool' song ! He looked very cool doing the head bangs!!! The best ever [:)]!!
Resul pookutty.. He comes from kerala. Really a proud moment ! Sorry no offence people, no distinction between kerala and india,but still,somewhere..deep down.. must say..just a teeny-weeny little bit !

All's well that ends well. Hearty congratulations to all the winners!

Kinda sad that Brad Pitt dint make it. Splendid previews of the movie. Next watch 'The curious case of Benjamin Button'.

And yes people, another must watch movie Wall-E. The cutest ever !! Loved it.


TheGreatOne said...

Thanks for the update, Mam! :)

Deepthi Rajagopal said...

You are welcome sire !!! :P.. its the least i can do :)

aryan said...

delhi 6 - a disappointment eh?