Monday, December 22, 2008


Nope..dont get me wrong. I am not scrooge. I love vacations. I still havent been able to figure out how any human being could possibly think of a vacation as heart breaking. Unless ofcourse a vacation means being away from your loved ones or leaving behind something you really care for. Come to think of it, i guess the above two are the only probable reasons for anyone to shirk away from vacations.
But do you know what i hate about vacations. Being alone in a place while the rest of the world around you is out 'vacationing' [don't know if there is a word like this.If it isnt, dont fret.It will find its way to Deepthi's Oxford dictionary!]. Yeah so coming back to where we were,vacations spent alone and what could be more miserable than spending your vacation working away! Sob sob..i aint complaining because i had a choice and i could have opted for a vacation too.But unfortunately i had to take mine a few weeks before the onset of the actual vacation mood. Right now i am just back from an absolutely refreshing break, all recharged up and what do i see.All around me the christmas and new year cheer has spread and people are all set to head home and greet santa and the next year with no work in their mind. And i am left behind. All the recharging from the holidays just drain out of my body seeing this.

Hey..that gives me a good topic to write about..My wonder days vacationing while the rest of the world worked on. [and now i am working on while the rest of the world is vacationing!].
So for all you folks out there....Here's wishing you a very very merry christmas and a very very happy new year... much in advance!

The perfect picture to go along with this post is the picture of the christmas tree in my room.Will upload it very soon!!!!

Till then.............................................. bah! Humbug!!! :P [;)]

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TheGreatOne said...

Well, I did it too!
Worked on the 25th! :-|

Nevamind, Merry Christmas to ya too! :)