Monday, January 14, 2008

My new abode

well..a real long break and i am back again. This time in a totally new world and an entirely new life awaitin me.. nope.i dint get married...thats not the new life i am entering. I have relocated!!!
My last two months at mysore had been the best days of my life there. Just when i had totally given up hope of even remotely having anything associated to fun there, life hit with the huge realisation of how interesting and fun it can be. Yup!! had a great time with this bunch of awesome people!. Midnight outings and treats and parties ... and meeting friends from college whom suddenly turned out to be great friends to be hanging out with..and still are.:)..thanks shiff...if you are reading this. It was great having you guys out there. And finally when i had believed there's nothing in mysore for me to miss.. my last day there made me realise what all i am going to be missing. My cute little independent house which i lovingly handed over to shiff for enjoying her days in mysore. My library there, my park, my owner's very well behaved doggy..and most of friends there... the entire gang there. Yeah..the parting gift was a green stuffed froggy which was handed over to me at exactly midnight and i had to kiss it to see if it would turn into a
charming handsome prince [well now u guys do know..i am indeed not married..sob..the froggy still remained a frog..and it stays majestically in the table in my room now]. Suddenly i realise i am going to miss being that crazy freak of a youngster and establish a new place for myself in an entirely new world and a new environment[which has turned out to be great too!More updates ont this in a later post.]
well ..all said and done.... guess the one thing miss most after moving out of mysore is ..guess what?...the multiplex in infy..... every weekend...amazin movies..that too at 50 bucks for two movies... sob sob..out here in bangalore one movie in a weekend costs me 250!!!
the infy multiplex made me a movie bluff..i was...but then this just enhanced the movie lover in me.. so now, a major part of my salary is spent in carrying forward this tradition of weekend movies inspite of the cost!...
Thanks guys!.. A toast to all of you for being a part of a very very memorable phase of my life.. my first first independent life... its a long list of many 'first's' in my life...!!!

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chip said...

woah!! i hadnt read this blog till now...

sho..ente oru kaaryame... mudinja glamour..